December Member of the Month


Congrats to Audra Bechtel for earning the title “Member of the Month” for December! Audra can often be found trying to outrun her teenage sons during the workouts then cleaning up everyone else’s sweat puddles afterwards. She’s kind, hardworking, humble and an absolute pleasure to coach and workout with. Keep reading to learn more!

Occupation/how you spend most of your time:
I am an electrical engineer. My team is responsible for the design and direct fleet support of the instrumentation and control systems that are used on the nation's naval nuclear propulsion plants. My days are spent supporting the fleet and solving problems. My favorite part is mentoring engineers and helping them develop into the next generation of leaders.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
It has been 4 years of fun!

What brought you to CFHW?
I was looking for a sport that Tyler would enjoy and decided to try it out myself. I love the structure, variety, and being a part of a team.

What keeps you here?
I love the people, relationships, and connections. I get to come here and try my best. I get to work hard, learn, grow and improve my health.

Any highlights?
My favorite movements are related to grunt work. I am comfortable being uncomfortable.

My areas of additional focus tend to lean toward the barbell and gymnastics.

If you could program your own workout, what would it look like?
I enjoy workouts that have lots of different movements and a mixture of grunt work, barbell, and gymnastics.

Any cool nicknames?
My nickname was Ozone in college.

Favorite pizza topping?