January Member of the Month


Congrats to Dan MacCracken for earning the title "Member of the Month" for January! A staple of the 5:30am class, Dan is a committed and positive influence at CF Hardwired. Not only that, but he is our resident graphic designer and made all our pegboards. He is always willing to help out, whether it's jumping in on a partner warm up during the 6:30am class or replacing one of the lightbulbs on our 20'+ ceilings. Keep reading to learn more!

Occupation/how you spend most of your time:
For the last 5 years I have worked for Curious George and for 7 years before that I worked for Clifford the Big Red Dog. I am a Director of Digital Development and work with a tight-knit team (4 of the team members workout at CFHW) to design and develop professional learning offerings for school districts and schools across the country. Outside of work and CrossFit I spend most of my time trying to be the best "Uncle D" possible for my nephews.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Started CrossFit at CF518 in October 2015.

What brought you to CFHW?
My brother Kevin and I were tired of going to a regular gym and thinking up different things to do each day. CrossFit looked like fun and a good option to feed our sports-driven competitive sides. As some of the 5:30am OGs know, Kevin and I can make anything into a competition.

What keeps you here?
The feeling you get struggling to breathe and keep consciousness after pushing yourself beyond what you thought your limits were in a workout. The community of like minded people is great. And my constantly growing list of opportunities for improvement with different movements and aspects of my fitness.

Favorite movements?
I like them all but maybe the olympic lifts - squat clean or power snatch.

Least favorites?
Mobility or more like lack of it. Anything T spine, crisscross applesauce, and overhead mobility. All these areas are a work in progress but still need a lot of work.

If you could program your own workout, what would it look like?
Probably be something in the 20 minute range with a lot of different movements involved. Start off with some kind of moderately heavy barbell sprint, followed by some gymnastics maybe muscle ups or handstand walks, and finish up with some box jumps, overhead squats, and biking. Deliberately including some movements that I really need to work on. Maybe sneak a strict press or two in there as well.

Any cool nicknames?
DMac - friends have called me this since high school.
Stomps - because of my stealth ninja like landings on box jumps, cleans, snatch, and jerks.
Deadman Dan - self explanatory.

Favorite pizza topping?
Maybe meatball and ricotta or broccoli and ricotta.