February Member of the Month


Congrats to Gabby Mazzucco for earning the title "Member of the Month" for February! Every day Gabby walks into the gym with a big smile on her face; she is well known for her positive attitude and easygoing personality. In addition to all that, she has an unbelievable work ethic; Gabby sets goals and works REALLY hard to achieve them. She's even inspired some of the rest of us to partake in some pretty diabolical interval work on the rowers. She is hungry, humble and enthusiastic which we really admire at CFHW. Keep reading to learn more about Gabby!

Occupation/how you spend most of your time:
Aside from work and the gym, you can find me skiing or hiking in my spare time. I love all that New York and New England has to offer, so I'll use any excuse I can to get out and explore.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Just about four years.

What brought you to CFHW?
My boyfriend, Luke started coming to CF518 when it first opened on Lafayette Street, and at the time, I worked out at a large chain gym nearby with a bunch of my friends. Eventually my friends all switched gyms because of job changes and needing somewhere to go closer to their job. Once I was on my own at the chain gym, I started lacking the motivation to go and switched to running pretty much full time. I decided I needed something to do in the winter months and disliked going to the chain gym by myself, so I joined Luke for a class to see what this CrossFit thing I had been hearing about from him was all about. I was pretty much instantly hooked.

What keeps you here?
CFHW has changed my outlook on going to the gym from being a chore to the thing I look forward to the most every day. The community at CFHW is something that you don't get at any other gym. On top of the new people I have met and the friends I have made over the years here, another thing that keeps me coming back is the measurable progress I continue to see, not only in myself but everyone around me as well. I love seeing people hit their goals or PR a lift; that true expression of excitement on someone's face always gets me pumped up. I could go on-and-on, but the last thing I'll say is that the number one reason I keep coming back is the top notch coaching and programming. The coaches are always extremely helpful and supportive, and I have learned so much--and continue to learn!

Favorite movements?
Heavy Cleans, deadlifts, toes-2-bar, bar muscle-ups.

Least favorites?
High. Volume. Snatches.

If you could program your own workout, what would it look like?
A combination of some sort of heavy barbell lift with some gymnastics mixed in.

Any cool nicknames?
I can't even count the number of nicknames I have, but I think my favorite is Goobs.

Favorite pizza topping?
I'm generally just a cheese kind of gal, but if I had to choose, I'd go with onions and peppers or just mushrooms.