Member Spotlight for March


The Member Spotlight for March is Greg Bandy! Greg always walks into the gym with a big smile on his face; his positive attitude, humility and hunger to learn and improve is something to be admired. He never complains, introduces himself to everyone he doesn't know, and is always up for a challenge. Keep reading to learn more about Greg!

Occupation/how you spend most of your time:
I spend most of my time trying to follow Jesus. At work I help people get IT work done.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
2 years

What brought you to CFHW?
I wanted to try CrossFit, and the location was perfect for me.

What keeps you here?
Good people, good programming and coaching, variety of the workouts.

Favorite movements?
My favorite has to be the burpee. Lol. Somehow I've managed to get a lot of practice in those! More seriously, though I'm not very comfortable with it, the snatch.

Least favorites?
The squat snatch is probably my least favorite.

If you could program your own workout, what would it look like?
This is a hard one! Something cardio like run 800m or bike or row, and barbell work of any type or kettlebell, and pullups (since I can't actually do much else on the bar).

Any cool nicknames?
Grumps - this is what my grandchildren call me.

Favorite pizza topping?