Our Newest Membership Offering


You have goals. Some of you have specific goals, such as getting your first pull up or being fit enough to hike, ski, run after your kids, etc. Others of you have specific needs, such as getting out of back pain or recovering from childbirth.

We care about these goals and needs. Some of these can certainly be met by simply attending group classes. Many of these cannot. We have seen too many instances of folks not reaching their specific goals or having to modify and work around an injury for a prolonged period of time. We wanted to be able to offer people the ability to specifically address these goals and needs within a group class setting. Personal training is the best way for you to receive completely customized programming and training, but it could take an individual away from the fun and energy of a group class. The Hardwired Hybrid Membership gives you the best of both worlds; specific, custom tailored programming within the group setting.

Here’s a rundown of what it looks like on a MWF basis:

  1. Quick warm up with the group class
  2. Break off to do your custom programming under the supervision of a coach. This could be strength work, mobility and stretching or skill practice depending on your goals and needs.
  3. Regroup with the rest of the class and set up for the group workout of the day
  4. Time to work out hard with your friends!
Along with this custom tailored program, you will meet with your coach for a monthly personal training session dedicated to learning new movements, working on skills or whatever else you want or need to work on. You’ll also meet with your coach quarterly to reassess and potentially readjust your goals accordingly.

Basically what we want to do is offer something that will increase your likelihood of reaching your specific goals. For example, say your goal is to get a strict pull up. We typically program strict pull-ups once per week for our classes (on different days each week). If you happen to miss pull up day several weeks in a row because your workout schedule varies each week, then all of a sudden it could be one month of no pull up work whatsoever and you are further from achieving your goal than you were when you first made it. Now, if you were in the hybrid program then you would be doing pull up work every single week and you will get to that first strict pull up way faster than relying on chance.

Or, say you have nagging back pain on and off. Your coach helps you to modify your workouts to avoid heavy deadlifting and he/she gives you some suggestions of core exercises you can do at home. You don’t do them because you forget (you’re busy!) or you don’t feel confident to perform them on your own. You continue to modify and get discouraged in your workouts. You might even leave the gym if you feel that you aren’t making the progress you deserve.

Here at Hardwired Fitness, we want to encourage and inspire you to move more so that you can live better. We feel very strongly that a customized approach to fitness is a key component to reaching your goals inside the gym and leading a healthy life outside the gym.

Move more, live better.