The Bechtel Family

Members since 2015

My teenage sons and daughter, husband and myself have been training at Hardwired Fitness for some time now and we believe the coaches are some of the most committed and passionate trainers around. We are impressed with the program, the people, and the potential of what we can achieve.

During our time here our fitness and health have improved noticeably. We have become stronger, trimmer and more flexible. We have seen improvements in our bodyweight movements, weightlifting and cardiovascular abilities. Regardless of what level you are at, Hardwired Fitness stresses the importance of technique and safety, which has made every new experience comfortable for us.

The environment is friendly and welcoming. The members are great and the community is positive and supportive. We like to work hard and play hard and Hardwired fits the bill. Every workout is different, purposeful and challenging. Everyone can participate, have a great time, and improve just by being here.