Member since December 2018

I've been a member of Hardwired since December 2018. During that time I feel like I've rebuilt my body, mind, and spirit. After 20 years of working a desk job, I felt tired, inflexible, and saw my health trending in a direction that I wasn't happy with. After trying different methods over the years to stay in shape, I figured Hardwired might be worth a try. I was intimidated at first and stepping foot in the building the first time took all my willpower. However, as soon as I walked inside I was greeted by warm smiles and a great overall impression of the staff and members.

I immediately knew I had to try the onramp program, which was fantastic! I learned so much during the sessions and couldn't wait to join classes and start working out. My biggest surprise was how Hardwired looks at fitness holistically, beyond just how much I could lift. I also was surprised to understand how appropriate workout scaling works. I can get the workout of my life every day, scaled exactly to my capabilities.

My experiences with the coaching staff have been fantastic. I feel listened to and when I need extra help, it is gladly given. Every coach has a wealth of knowledge and I feel like I learn something new every class. Coaches do a great job keeping the environment healthy, safe and classes are upbeat and fun, even during the hardest workouts!

Before Hardwired I felt like every day I'd search for an excuse to NOT workout. Now, it's with remorse that I cancel a class. I always look forward to seeing my friends, learning, and having fun. I feel like winning the mental battles during classes and pushing my limits has helped me do more in life, personally and professionally. And believe me, yard work is such a breeze now!