Hardwired Fitness Member Since 2018

Sitting on the sidelines, I watched my teenage son sweat through his first class with Jenna about 2 1/2 years ago. He complained the entire time leading up to the class, but when it was over, the complaining turned into pride. He was hot, out of breath and thirsty but wanted to make sure I saw how great he did. An already strong athlete, he felt challenged, accomplished and energized. He said that I should give it a try.

Nervous was my first feeling when standing around the whiteboard as Jenna explained the workout of the day, so many acronyms and lingo to learn, I wish I could say that I remember the actual workout. What I do remember are the friendly faces, encouraging support and the confidence I have gained over the past two years. Not to mention, the three words that have kept me going through just about every workout, just keep moving.

Since my first class back in August 2018, I can't believe the mix of emotions I've been through. I still feel nervous when I look at the workout of the day the night before - depending on what's included, but I find comfort in the Hardwired Community that Jenna and the other coaches have created. That comfort has come through in-person classes and also home workouts during the pandemic. Jenna allowed us to take equipment home, held outdoor workouts to continue to motivate us when it would have been much easier to take a break. On the contrary, morning workouts were the constant during a very strange time. When you have to focus on counting burpees or calories on the bike, it helps me de-stress and focus on the three words - just keep moving.

After having three kids and not working out for about 15 years, taking that first class at Hardwired Fitness is something I wished I did years ago. It has completely changed my life, not only my fitness level, but my mindset.

I think my kids are even slightly proud of me for regularly working out, participating in the Holiday Throwdowns, etc. I remind them often of how much (or little) I can lift and try to encourage them to join me. The Hardwired Community embraces family participation and now when my kids join me at a class, they feel challenged to beat my scores. And depending on the workout, it feels really amazing when they realize the only way they can "beat me" is to also join class regularly. My short term goal is to get them to come to class regularly but perhaps even more importantly, my long term goal is that when they are my age, they remember my health and fitness routine and that they will join Jenna, her team of coaches and the Hardwired Fitness community. They certainly won't regret it, I know I don't!