Member since 2015

My fitness journey began almost 3 years ago and as I sit here with my 8 week old healthy and happy daughter, I realize how lucky I am to have been part of the Hardwired Fitness family throughout my pregnancy journey.

When I became a member of Hardwired Fitness, I had no idea that the unique and personalized experience from Coach Jenna would be something that would change my life. It became very apparent that the relationship between Jenna and the members was unique to each and every person. She knew how to make each one of us perform our best.

As I planned to start a family, I knew how important it was to have a healthy lifestyle. I had tried other gym memberships and signed up for personal training many, many times before but nothing I was able to stick with. The programming at Hardwired takes the guesswork out of any workout and you walk into the box knowing you’ll never regret that you came. Jenna knows how to truly personalize any workout to ensure you’ll be giving your all every time. If it hadn’t been for my active lifestyle at Hardwired, I truly feel I wouldn’t have gotten so lucky in starting my family so soon.

My plan had always been to continue working out throughout my pregnancy because I knew that it was the right thing to do but as one month turned into three and then six, I was slowing down and working out became a real struggle. I always left Hardwired feeling better than when I started and day after day so I continued to show up (my last workout was on a Friday and I delivered the next Tuesday). Not only was my baby the reason I kept on moving but Coach Jenna took the time at each class to make sure the WOD was something that was safe for me and baby. She has a way of making you feel like you can change the world, even when you’re nine months pregnant and for that I’m truly grateful.

The relationship with my Coach, the personalized programming and continued support is not something I would’ve found anywhere else in the Capital Region and I would’ve quit at month three had I not had the support from Hardwired Fitness 100% of the way.

Not only did I stay within the healthy weight range through my pregnancy, but because of my fitness journey over the past 10 months, I was able to easily find the strength to deliver my baby. I am just starting to begin my post-pregnancy journey and while I’ll want to jump back and perform as I did pre-pregnancy, Coach Jenna is already giving me the direction and support I need in order to safely do just that.