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I will be 60 years old in a couple of months and did not want to go into my retirement years feeling weak, tired, and out of shape. I told myself if my car was in bad shape I would call a professional, so why would I think I could go from completely sedentary to strong and healthy on my own? Fortunately I knew a professional, and talking to Jenna gave me the courage to give Hardwired Fitness a try! I really believed that Hardwired was out of my reach, and only for young, fit people. Our first On Ramp session was to find a starting point, and when I say I started at zero I am not exaggerating. I could not do one sit up, could not squat, could not lift more than a 5 pound dumbbell over my head. I hadn’t jumped a rope since childhood. I had no stamina for cardio. Jenna was not thwarted by that; she just kept encouraging me to do what I could and changed the movements to match my needs and goals.

I can’t say enough about how supportive and helpful the coaches have been, how they know just how to scale for me to be successful with every workout. The other athletes are so encouraging, never make me feel intimidated or embarrassed and celebrate each other's victories daily! Before long I learned the difference between AMRAP and EMOM, learned to use the whiteboards and was making what I considered slow and steady progress. I committed to 3 times a week and was able to keep that habit going for 14 weeks!

Then, the gym closed due to the coronavirus. I felt so disappointed and would have given up, if not for the amazing coaching staff, finding alternate ways to keep us on track. They are so responsive and willing to answer questions, provide substitutions, I even borrowed some equipment to use at home. Recently I was able to complete a tough workout unbroken and that was a personal first for me.

I am so grateful to Hardwired for leading me out of my comfort zone into a strong and healthy retirement!