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hard·wired: genetically or innately determined : genetically or innately predisposed

We believe all humans are hardwired for movement and to live long and healthy lives free from pain and free to do what they want outside of the gym.

In everything we do, we aim to empower people to move more and live better. We believe that intentional movement is essential for healthy living.

We do this by providing customized fitness solutions to help you maximize your time inside the gym in order to enjoy your life outside of the gym.

About Us

Fitness and movement have been a large part of Matt and Jenna’s lives both before and after they first met. It all started when Jenna used to make Matt go on runs and work out with her when they were “just friends” working at the same gym in Boston. Jenna comes from years of experience in both the large and small gym models; she has been a personal trainer and group fitness coach for over ten years. Matt has years of sales and membership experience in a large gym in Boston. They have found great value in the stress release, camaraderie and all around improved quality of life that came from regular exercise. Now that they are parents, it is more important than ever for them to make their overall health and wellbeing a priority. Setting an example of good habits for their daughter is a large part of what drives them each day.

“Why do we make it our life’s work to help others? Because we have experienced the effects of exercise firsthand, as busy professionals, as significant others, and as parents. And we know that regular movement is crucial to living a full and happy life.”


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